# Join Us

There are many areas where you can help to this project to grow. Not only coding/programming skills needed. Translate, documentation and social network skills too.

# Write

  • Translate the documentation to your local language's community.
  • Add missing content.
  • Fix any error or typo that you found in docs.

# Develop

  • Our IDE is developed in Python. Feel free to add new features or fix any bug in it.
  • The Windows installer is developed with the Nullsoft Install System framework, and the GNU/Linux installer is writen in Bash.
  • This website was build using Vuepress and content writen using Markdown syntax.

# Build / Sell

  • Make and share electronic diagrams and designs of Pinguino boards with the community, so other people can build them.
  • Build and sell ready-to-use PCBs so that people who live geographically close to you can start quickly and easily using Pinguino.

# Communicate

  • Upload videos showing or explaining how Pinguino works. Send us the link to your channel, so that we can add it to this website.
  • Write articles and posts about Pinguino. Send us the URL of your Blog.
  • Design and share flyers, infographics and any other graphic material related to the project.
  • Participate as a speaker in a talk, conference or event near you so that other people know the project.
  • If you think that Pinguino can add value to your school, university or organization, go ahead and share your knowledge.


Let's make Pinguino the largest Open Source and Open Hardware community.